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Welcome.....To The Place To Look First....This Is BARRELS...please observe...

This does what all players want, the carbon fiber keeps it light, but is sturdy so there is no worry about what happened to it after that rock, and the internals act like ceramic, they are so smooth, one ball break is cleard by the next two or three!
Price: $95
They used a honed stainless steel barrel and designed a muzzle break to quiet it and add accuracy and range. You will not be disappointed.
Price: $70
This barrel is a black aluminum barrel that combines muzzle break technology with external porting to increase range and accuracy.
Price: $65
This barrel is amazing, its really shows what bob long can do, he made it so it will shoot through a ball break, and still maintain acuracy, and distance!
Stainless Steel $85
Black Aluminum $70

This is ACI's, ZERO GRAVITY. It is an aluminum barrel with a ceramic coating which is designed to help it clear balls breaks. They use spiral porting to assist accuracy and consistency.
Price $85
Accuracy and rang are the key benefites of this barrel. The internal walls are honed in a swirl design to put top-spin on the ball. This causes the ball to travel further. They also use a muzzle break to lessen muzzle pressure on the ball to assure that the balls transition from barrel to air is smooth. These barrels are extremely well machined and finished.
Price: $85
The Stainless steel is more durable, and smoother, and the aluminum is light, but, both have ported muzzle breaks, micro honed internal surfaces and ports just behind the muzzle break to keep this barrel as quiet as it is accurate.
Stainless Steel $95
Black Aluminum $75
Brass $45
Chrome $70
DYE Boom Stick
The new dye boom stick is a high quality using the stregnth of steel, and then then quality of aluminum, its a pretty nice barrel and incase you didnt notice, its a 2 peice, with one half made of aluminum, and one of steel Available in 14, 16, and 18 inch. Price: $145
Kingman Twilight 2-in-1
Wondering what those are?, well, there kingman's awesom barrel for the spyder, you can have a nice 2 peice 14" microhoned barrel, or take one off, and have a yet as good a quality speed ball barrel in a flash, all in one! and they also look awesom in the sun!, one DEFINATE must have for a spyder owner!
Price $85
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