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the auto cocker is a also a great gun, like the automag, its A SEMI-AUTO, and its capabel of full auto (yet i never said it was full auto), or sounding full auto, its also got its own warehouse of upgrades and different verstions, the Generation-X is said to be the most upgraded possible autococker, and that trying to upgrade it is impossible, there are way to many models to do a caption on, but ill sum it up for you, the autococker works like a regular semi auto, but it uses a ram to open and close the bolt-simply perfection, also lite, but kind of large, this gun will run co2, but will shut down if ANY liquid gets into the gun..
  • 98'- $350
  • 99'- $425
  • ANS- $800
  • 32- $900
  • FX- $575
  • Bob Long-$900