7 oz, $309 oz, $3312 oz, $3720 oz, $40


4500 Psi-68 CC, $4854500 Psi-45 CC, $4653000 Psi-114 CC, $4653000 Psi-68 CC, $445
AIR AMERICA RAPTOR 114 CC REMOTE This is great, it allows for lower cost. Don't get caught off gaurd by the price, this system is a real winner!$340FALCON 114 CCE The falcon made one of the first nitrogien systems, and made them afforadble, their still making them that way

----------Expansion Chambers----------

Tippman means quality to most people, so they have come up with thise really nice x-chamber, high wuality, gets the job done...what else do you want?
Price $40
Proline brings an expansion chamber for everyone. It's versatile, durable, and affordable.
Price $35


Black Ice
Same one as the Unireg but it's made of aluminum to save weight.
Price $95
This is a new one that really light, and has a hole for low pressure
Price: $135
Newest Reg from Air America. its made so you can do a double reg, and not go broke...
Price $55
Bob Long Power Regulator
Built especially for the Autococker, but seems to work well on everything, and is very durable (so you can really grab on when its intense) but keeps a low profile...
Price: $105
Sheridan RG-1
Want a co2 reg thats cheap, usefull AND effective?, here you are!
Price $75
Air America Unireg Male
This is a popular second reg for nitro, and has a low profile, also really effective, great deal
Price: $140
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