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Please send me any info you may have on FRACTION. I am looking for Fraction midi files as well as MP3 files, if you have any, I would greatly appreciate the donation. Send me mail if you would like to exchange banners, two examples are at the bottom of the page.

This page is dedicated to the rockabilly/christian rock band FRACTION. Their only noted album is titled MOONBLOOD. The name came directly from the bible, in which the moon was turned to blood. That's another story though. The members of this band are all alive:-) The members are as follows:

Fraction is said to be legendary, with Morrison-like vocals, and Richie Blackmore- style guitar solos. They are definitley remenescent of The Doors.

An original Fraction Moonblood LP, with the red celophane covered moon emblem album cover still in-tact, with a mint LP, is worth about $3500+ depending on how bad the collector wants it. Though these hard to find albums may still be afloat, a brand new cd with the original cover art was just released by Rock-A-Way Records in L.A., California. They are available for $15, which is a steal! Yes, there have been many bootlegged-fakes, in circulation, but mind you, the new album has been endorsed by the real thing, Fraction! There are three previously unreleased tracks on the new cd.

This is the original LP face.

The original album cover was designed by Mike Hodges. He was introduced to the band by drummer, Curt Swanson, and vocalist, Jim Beach, whom he was very good friends. He is still an awesome artist!

Rock-A-Way Records, Fraction info page.

Most of the band members have had children, and most of which are playing instruments(mostly guitar)and are following in their fathers musical footsteps.

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I would like to thank Mr. J. Swanson for editing this page.