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UPDATES (yeah thats right the 1st time in ages): well first off I know this site hasn't changed in almost a year but whats really to update? this site will probaly just sit here and gather hits still after this update but what changed? nothing it's a pointless update I just wanted to tell anyone out there about something that is very uncommon to hear of but very popular on the net escpessially for wrestling fans. E-wrestling its the closest most people will ever come to being a real wrestler and hearing the cheers of the fans how do you do it simple you create a character give him/her a history moves, a name then apply if your accepted you'll start "roleplaying" doing this you be your character you talk as your character during each event the one who did the better rolplay will win you can fight for titles or fame as an "E-wrestler" so how do you get started? visit This is one of the of hundreds of "E-feds" or E-wrestling leagues this league will train beginners to become great roleplayers the roster is blank as I type this on april 9th 2001 but don't expect that for long.