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My Presley Gallery - Teri Garr

Teri Garr

Born: December 11, 1944 or 1945
Real Name: Terry Garr
Elvis film: Viva Las Vegas, Roustabout, Fun in Acapulco, Clambake, Girl Happy, and Kissin' Cousins
Appearance in Elvis films: background work
Lines: none
Currently: recently appeared December 2000 at a benefit for Trevor Hotline
Film List:

The Sky is Falling 1999
Dick 1999
A Simple Wish 1997
Changing Habits 1997
The Definite Maybe 1997
Michael 1996
Double Jeopardy 1996
Perfect Alibi 1995
Dumb & Dumber 1994
Pret-a-Porter 1994
Ready to Wear 1994
The Player 1992
Mom and Dad Save the World 1992
Short Time 1990
Waiting for the Light 1990
Let It Ride 1989
Out Cold 1989
Full Moon in Blue Water 1988
Paul Reiser Out on a Whim 1988
Deja View 1986
Miracles 1986
After Hours 1985
Firstborn 1984
Mr. Mom 1983
The Black Stallion Returns 1983
The Sting II 1983
Tootsie 1982
The Escape Artist 1982
One from the Heart 1982
Wrong Is Right 1982
Honky Tonk Freeway 1981
Witches' Brew 1980
The Black Stallion 1979
Mr. Mike's Mondo Video 1979
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977
The Absent-Minded Waiter 1977
Oh, God! 1977
Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood 1976
The Conversation 1974
Young Frankenstein 1974
The Moonshine War 1970
Changes 1969
Head 1968
Maryjane 1968
Clambake 1967
The Cool Ones 1967
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home 1965
Girl Happy 1965
Pajama Party 1964
Roustabout 1964
The T.A.M.I. Show 1964
Viva Las Vegas 1964
What a Way to Go! 1964
Fun in Acapulco 1963
Kissin' Cousins 1963

TV Appearances:
"Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" (voice) in episode "Pullman Square" (#6.2) 6/22/99
"ER" in episode "Getting To Know You" (#5.22) 5/20/99
"Friends" in episode: "The One with Phoebe's Uterus" (#4.11) 1/8/98
"Instant Comedy with the Groundlings" in episodes #13, 14, 15 1998
"The Weird Al Show" in episode: "Time Machine" (#1.5) 10/11/97
"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" in episode: "Dante's Inferno" (#2.3) 10/10/97
"Friends" in episode: "The One With The Jellyfish" (#4.1) 9/25/97
"Friends" in episode: "The One at the Beach" (#3.25) 5/15/97
"Men Behaving Badly" in episode: "Christmas" (#1.10) 12/18/96
"Frasier" in episode: "She's the Boss" (#3.1) 9/19/95
"Duckman" (voice) in episode: "It's the Thing of the Principal" (#1.9) 5/7/94
"The Larry Sanders Show" in episode: "The Breakdown: Part 2" (#2.2) 6/2/93
"Murphy Brown" in episode: "Bump in the Night" (#5.19) 2/21/93
"Dream On" in episode: "And Bimbo Was His Name-O" (#3.1,3.2) 6/6/92
"The Dennis Miller Show" 1992
"The Full Wax" (#2.3 and 2.6) 1992
"Tales from the Crypt" in episode: "The Trap" (#3.1) 6/15/91
"Trying Times" in episode: "Drive, She Said" (#1.2) 10/25/87
"Faerie Tale Theater" in episode: "Tale of the Frog Prince" (#1.1) 9/11/82
"Maude" in episode: "Viv's Dog" (#4.1) 11/20/75
"McCloud" in episode: "Return To The Alamo" 3/30/75
"Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers" in episode: "Robert's Hero Worship" 10/5/74
"Barnaby Jones" in episode: "Image In A Cracked Mirror" (#2.23) 3/24/74
"McCloud" in episode: "This Must Be The Alamo" 3/23/74
"The New Dick Van Dyke Show" 11/19/1973
"MASH" in episode: "The Sniper" (#2.10) 11/17/73
"The Bob Newhart Show" in episode: "Emily in for Carol" 10/5/73
"The Bob Newhart Show" in episode: "Confessions of an Orthodontist" 2/19/73
"Banyon" in episode: "A Date With Death" 11/24/72
"It Takes a Thief" in episode: "The Beautiful People" (#3.3) 10/9/69
"Room 222" in episode: "Naked Came We Into The World" 9/24/69
"The Mothers-In-Law" in episode: "Two on the Aisle" (#2.22) 3/16/69
"It Takes a Thief" in episode: "Guess Who's Coming to Rio?" (#2.13) 1/7/69
"Star Trek" in episode: "Assignment: Earth" (#2.26) 3/29/68
"The Andy Griffith Show" in episode: "The Wedding" (#8.26) 3/4/968
"That Girl" in episode: "This Little Piggy Had A Ball" 3/23/67
"Batman" (uncredited) in episode: "Instant Freeze" (#1.7) 2/3/66
"Dr. Kildare" in episode: "With Hellfire and Thunder, Part One" (#5.11) 10/19/65

Teri Garr has been seen in over 50 films and numerous television shows, including Star Trek. Teri began her career as a dancer and danced professionally with the San Francisco Ballet when she was 13 years old. She had her start in films doing background work, including several Elvis Presley films (1964-1967). The number of Elvis films varies from 4 to 9. We are going to check them all out and see. Because she had no lines in his films, many fans have no idea where to find her scenes. You can see Teri in the carnival scene of Roustabout where Elvis is performing on the runway. Teri is one of the dancing girls. In Viva Las Vegas, Teri is one of the dancing students at the University of Las Vegas when Elvis and Ann-Margret perform on stage and in the "climb" scene at the club.

Below you will see photos of Teri from scenes in the films Roustabout, Viva Las Vegas and now Kissin Cousins. Guess what! We spotted Teri in Girl Happy! No one else has noticed her there! Yikes! We will be adding more scenes soon!

Viva Las Vegas
Kissin Cousins
Girl Happy