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the concept

Four rather idealistic teenagers get it in their heads that they can be superheroes, they can save the world.
But, in a post 9/11 world, have they bitten off more than they can chew?

the players

Mark Andrews - Our narrator. His home life is a mess, so he doesn't hesitate for long when given the chance to change the world.

Rebecca Hicks - Her rich parents don't give a damn. Her life's falling apart. And, she wants to save the world. But, has she gotten in over her head?

Lindsay Nolan - Her father's gone. Her mother's got cancer. She wants to go to a good college, maybe. But, her best friend, Mark, gets her to try being a superhero anyway.

Dana Hicks - Rebecca's little sister, but don't call her that. In between trips to the mall, boyfriends and girlfriends and the usual teenage stuff, she just might help save the world, or at least her small corner of it.

Joseph Cooper - Homeless. A drunk. But, somehow he's grabbed the attention of rich girl Rebecca.

Jessica Lederman - Dana's best friend. Jewish. Possibly British or maybe just strange, maybe both. Just trying to make it through her teenage years unscathed.