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unavailable beds & flying ladders (8-13-3)

so, we live in a small apartment, me, sarah, three kids (8 years, 3 years, 8 months). kids have the bed room, sarah and i have the living room. we own a bed but it doesn't fit here, so it's in my parents' garage. here, we've got a futon, well, what's left of a futon after its frame is gone and the mattress has been beaten repeatedly by angry mobs. so, we've been looking for a temporary (read: until we get to move to a bigger place, which we hope will be soon) replacement, a new futon style mattress or a sofa bed (since our sofa is a bit worn for wear).

so, today we're heading to have a look at someone's sofa bed, which the woman are selling cheap because she just doesn't have room to keep it around. we head to an area with which i'm not too familiar, nearly get killed by, and get yelled and honked at by three different people for stupid fucking reasons (like, i dared stop at a fucking intersection to turn, excuse the hell out of me). anyway, we get to the woman's house, and turns out her husband sold it to someone else between the time sarah talked to her on the phone and we came to see it (at the time she'd fucking agreed on). so, horrible trip, no bed out of the deal, and we head home.

and, on the freeway, in the next lane, a minivan ahead of us runs right over something. wasn't sure what it was, though i had seen it on the ground ahead. but, as soon as the minivan runs over it, the thing flies up into the air and shows off it's i'm-a-god-damned-ladder-in-the-middle-of-the-god-damned-freeway glory. and, it spins in the air and right into our lane maybe twenty yards (at most) ahead of us. fortunately, we were in the right lane and the shoulder on that spot of freeway was wide, so i swerved, even as the damn ladder remained semi airborne, still spinning a bit and, dare i say it, actually freakin aiming for the front of our car. so, way out onto the shoulder i go, with no chance to really slow down at all (not that it would have helped), and we miss the ladder by probably inches.

then, as if all that were not sign enough to stay indoors forever more, a car tries to cut into our line, and to occupy the same exact damn space in the universe that we did just then, without much warning, and traffic slows as there are three separate stalled vehicles with tow trucks on the shoulder within a two mile stretch of freeway.

and, finally, we make it to our exit and escape the horrible freeway and, after a quick stop at the grocery store, arrive home, rattled a bit maybe, but physically intact.

moral of the story: i don't like people.

moral of the story #2: people suck.

moral of the story #3: why the hell shouldn't i not like people, if they suck? i mean, who the hell are you to say some people are okay? what the hell do you know about it?

moral of the story #4: that was out of line. i apologize.

moral of the story #5: i still don't like people.