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two and two is five

two and two is five if you want it to be true.
don't accept powerlessness cause it's all they offer you.
don't you dare thank god that you're not a jew.
you want to be in the majority get in the fucking queue.
does being in the minority make you blue?
does being a dissenter make you dig through
all your pockets, your drawers for a little bit of glue
to piece the broken world back to . . . gether?
two and two is five in any kind of weather,
the world on your shoulders, your spirit still light as a feather,
and you package yourself in lace and leather,
hide yourself among THEM, the reveal dangling by a tether . . . and
two and two is five though you try not to be alive.
you fuck up all your chances to thrive,
let them win and thank god that you survive,
find your place in the big societal hive,
walk the walk, talk the talk and all that jive,
let them cajole, connive, deprive, drive
you, when confrontation comes, to take a dive
cause you don't have the guts to say two and two is five