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takers (2-28-1)

There are those people who are submissive and just let life happen to them. And there are those that grab it by its balls and shake everything out of it that they can. And, there are those that are so cruel and thoughtless that in shaking what they can from life, they will mow down anyone that gets in their way, to mix metaphors. They will lie. They will cheat. They will steal. And, when it seems they just can't come up with any more ways of being mean, they'll suddenly be the most clever people around and they will find the one way to make things worse.

What's my point? I'm not entirely sure. It's been a while since I had the chance to work on my rodent bits column, and I?m not sure when I?ll get to work on it again, and I have wanted for a while to comment on the people that make life hard for so many, for no better reason than they are just cruel bastards. I don't believe in the existence of evil, except as a standard of measuring the actions of others, not as any actual entity out there corrupting people, gathering them under its wing for some great battle to come or any of that bullshit. But, there are some people out there that really make me wonder sometimes.

I'll keep this column short. I won't get into specifics about any of these people. I wish I could, but once I?d get started, I?d go on for pages and pages and pages. And, ultimately, it wouldn't accomplish much, since people like this, these takers of life, don't change easily. And, I?m not about to change them just by mentioning them here. So, again, what's my point? I'm still not sure. Hell, I?m not sure if I even have to have a point. This is my webpage, my personal column which hardly anyone will read anyway, so what's it matter? I might as well say whatever I can, while I can, to make my little corner of the world seem a little better than it is.

Just like in some stories about magic and whatnot, to name something is to gain power over it. To just speak of the takers is to acknowledge deliberately that they exist and in doing so, we gain power over them. As long as we realize that they don't really have any more power than that we allow them to have over us, we win. And, I suppose that's my point.