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see, the man

see, the man
he takes what he can
ícause thatís the big plan,
to keep you down,
to make you frown,
to make you drown
in debt and credit cards,
christmas ornaments and easter candy.
isnít that dandy?

see, the man, be it bush, clinton or even al gore,
heíll hold you down and make you beg for more,
say he wants peace then start a war,
kick you to the curb and lock the front door,
make you kill a serb, arab, vietcong and more.

do his bidding?

youíve got to be kidding.
buy into his lies
with inward facing eyes,
buy his commodities,
his marketed oddities,
his war on terror.
it isnít fair.
itís about the scare.
but, whoís creating the ter-ror?
are we believing in er-ror?
you've got to demand more,
more truth, more liberty, more of that american way,
none of the bullshit the man allows us today.

see, the man,
and his big grand master plan,
to kick you in your can
when youíre already down,
to make you drown
in debt, lies, dreams,
delusions of grandeur or so it seems.


donít drown in his lies,
crushed by his boot,
burned by his eyes
with none of the loot
promised by the advertiseÖ ments,
ladies and gents.
be yourselves, be your own beings,
not something stuck in his shoe tread.
be powerful things.
or be ignorant instead.