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celebrating predetermined traits (2-11-0)

Let's Assume, as many do these days, that homosexuality is predetermined by genes.

Now, let's say so what?

A person may be predetermined to be intelligent, to have the potential for musical talent, but if not given the proper circumstances in which to act on the predetermination, what do those genes matter?

So, you don't have a choice to be homosexual, to be black, or white, or tall, or short, or smart, or dumb--this all going by predetermined potential of course, not actual achievement--so what? Should that get you special recognition? Should society as a whole be expected to fight for your rights as a homosexual? Should we be expected to celebrate black history month? Is the next step a special day for tall people?

That last one sounds ridiculous, right? But, is it so far fetched? In a time when ethnic diversity is supposed to be celebrated as one of the greatest things around, even as ethnic lines are constantly melted down, as people of any race, sexuality, creed, or what have you, are made to think and act the same way as everyone else, and still celebrate the very diversity that mother culture wants destroyed? Is it really so far fetched?

Celebrate your own sexuality. Celebrate your own race, your own creed. Celebrate that your ancestors came from Ireland or England or Russia. Celebrate that every one in your family is tall, or short, or blond, or beautiful. But, do not expect the rest of us to join you. Do not expect the rest of us to identify the same groups and boundaries that you do. And, DO NOT expect the rest of us to celebrate them.