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remember when gay meant happy? (2-25-4)

it's hard to be witty about politics lately. political stuff got boring for a while in december, a wartime winter that killed my momentum on my liquid thought comic strip, but it recently turned from boring to seriously annoying and it's pissing me off. bush wants a constitutional amendment saying his god was right and marriage should only be between one man and one woman. and, people have the audacity to ask we supporters of gay marriage where we draw the line, can three people get married, can four, what about polygamy? well, first of all, fuck all of you who would throw that question out. and, second, let them get married too. marriage, as legally defined, is a legal arrangement, corporation as social unit, so who the fuck cares how many people are involved as long as the division of assets is clearly defined or at least definable? now, ask about the polygamists abusing social security and whatnot or taking advantage of kids. come on. you know that argument's on the tip of your tongue. well, again, first, fuck you. and second, those things have nothing at all to do with marriage or the issue of its definition. those things are already illegal, already wrong. if two consenting adults of whatever gender or genders want to marry, how is it going to hurt anyone else? if three want it, let them too. if you pass this amendment, it better ban not just gay marriage but also heterosexual divorce and couples that do not reproduce. your god wanted us all to be fruitful and multiply. so, if you don't plan to reproduce, you're out of the running, a lower class automatically. if you can't have children, then you lose some of your rights. if you want to end your marriage, you go to prison... How is any of that not a clear extension of what's being argued but polygamy keeps coming up? How does a gay couple who've been committed to one another for decades finally getting married hurt the institution of marriage and britney spears marrying and annulling inside a day and laughing it off like it was nothing doesn't?