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when the dieting is done

have a chocolate shake
or some raspberry silk cake
or both if that?s what you take
if you want to live like that
sit around and grow fat
fat on lies and calories
your wallet thin from debt and meager salaries
and you want a way out
without a doubt

that wins
that takes the cake
then you can get out of your clothes, into the sun and bake
get tan, get thin

however else will you be in?

only the beautiful get fifteen minutes of fame
only the fit need apply for a well known name
a place in the game
adulation from those who were the same
as you, not a quarter hour ago
and, so you know . . .
being thin, being beautiful, doesn?t it make you a good per-son
you?re still just the same asshole inside when the dieting is done
so, don?t jump the gun
and take the one . . . road out
get thin and beautiful to get some clout
and don?t bother to get smart
to play a greater part
to make this world a better place
even while, if you must, you stuff your face