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a city i've never been to

paris, the city of lights
a faraway land
i could fly there
or sail on shore and set out on foot
but, to what end?
my love is not there

delft, home of some nice dishes
another faraway land
i could journey there
drop from the sky, or crawl on hands and knees
but, to what end?
my love is not there

everest, the highest of peaks
a faraway incline
i could climb it
i could wage that war, or just lie and say i did
but, to what end?
my love is not there

the outback, a broad, lonely place
not so faraway as it might seem
in my mind, i'm already there
composing a poesy or two, dedicating my thoughts
to what end?
my love is lost from there as well

a castle in the clouds, unreal
but still, just as good as any of those places
in my mind, i can go there
a wandering rogue, lonely, dirty from the journey
and, to what end?
she's there, watching, waiting, for me

or, utah, the place that truly holds my heart
i am not and cannot be there
yet, there she waits, there she lives
journey to a faraway city, climb the highest mountain, get lost in the lonely outback, or find some illusory castle
but, to what end?
my love resides in just one place

and, i am not there