i figured a black background for all the credits and titles, so here are the images:

for the menu:


behind the scenes:



production screen (i would prefer this come at the bottom left of the screen before the title):

title (dimensions changed a little from what i gave you before):

for the opening credits, we can just include you and me:

so, editor/camera operator:


and your name (you could maybe do the names slightly bigger beneath or next to (I think I would prefer next to) the roles here and in the characters credits as well at the end):




my name:


after the fade out at the end, you could put the title on the screen again, centered, using this smaller version:

then bring up the character credits:


sally park

police officer

robert black

older sister

amanda gartside

police scientist 1

leslie lim

police scientist 2

michael escoe

dead person

chris chung

older sister stand-in

saer black


and at the very end of the credits, or rather, let the credits end then cut to a blank screen with this at the bottom right: