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celebrities and their opinions (6-14-3)

Keeping celebrities from having opinions assumes we want our celebrities gods and not people. True fans want humans, fallible, opinionated, real. True fans want to know what celebrities do, where they live, how they live, what they eat, how they think. Fans don?t want empty shells, husks on stage getting a song out and not existing when they leave the spotlight.

The problem is the mindless masses. They want gods to occasionally worship. They want the shiny happy people. They want people who play roles (not just the actors), people whose personas amounts to little more than who he or she may be sleeping with in between scene takes or concert performances. The mindless masses want it easy, want it simple, want entertainment to come without strings, without deep thought, without politics.

For a real person, to not speak an opinion would be cowardice. For a celebrity to hold back his opinion on things would be a failure to exist as a human being and not even close to the flamboyance that the celebrity worshippers want, not even an ounce of boldness. And what good is fame if wasted on those not bold?