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the column gets more casual (8-29-2)

To begin?

This is not a rodent bits column.

I am nuts.

So, I write. If you don't know that already, you must be very new. I write, and I occasionally draw, and occasionally waste fuck all time on the internet in between imagining ways to save the world and tell all the mindless lemming hoards of hicks to jump off their damn cliffs already and leave us all out of their misery.

Mr president wants a war, and wants another war, and another war, and it's possible that all the Texans throughout history are to blame, or it's god, or the pope, or some extremist Muslim hippie cult. I don't rightly know. What I do know is I?m 5 parts into a 21 part epic Viking story about the catholic church's invasion of Norway circa 999 ad (the Vikariad, for those of you who don't know), I just completed a screenplay which I?m submitting to Project Greenlight, I?ve got 5 and a half long novels under my belt, about 4 or 5 short novels, a few dozen short stories, a half a dozen screenplays and lately lots of comic book scripts, not to mention more novels already bleeding out of my skull, and only barely being mopped up by my various notebooks where I jot things down from time to time, a rather large science fiction epic screenplay boiling to the surface, and, with the urging of my wife, an upcoming return to and resurgence of my grand epic storyline that ties everything together, with themes of love and hate, betrayal and loyalty, religion and politics, sex and humor, conspiracies and all that nice stuff I so often ramble about around these parts. I'm talking a mass of interconnected (sometimes vaguely, sometimes explicitly and importantly) stories, begun back around 1994, grabbing bits and pieces from numerous stories I wrote even before then, and continuing a decade or two or three into the future.

For anyone who didn't yet believe I was nuts?and, whoever you are, you need new glasses or something, or you need to drop by more often?there are the beginnings of all the proof you're going to need. Not only am I planning on getting back into writing all the damn time (read: daily or even multiple times a day), I?m actually eager to get into it, eager to face the challenge and actually get this stuff out where everyone else will be forced, er, able to read it.

People will hate me, people will love me, people will even feel indifferent about me, but somewhere down the line, an obsessive kid like I once was will find himself in a used bookstore tracking down a single tattered copy of one of my works just to completely understand what it all means and how it all works.

And, in case I?m too busy, or too tired, later, I must thank him now. And, I?ll throw a nice thank you to my wife too. You make insanity worth it.