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she's never called him by his nickname, eyes. in fact, she's never even called him by his real name, isaiah. in fact, she's never said more than a casual "hello" or "excuse me" to him. but, he loves the girl anyway. he loves looking at her, just watching her. he loves listening to her talking to her friends, laughing with them. god, her laughter is beautiful. the most beautiful thing he's ever heard, heaven itself made audible.

"hey, eyes."

who said that? it sounded like her. was it her?


he realizes it WAS her. he barely gets out, "what?"

"you know this math stuff, right?"

god, her voice is intoxicating, he thinks, though he's far too young to have ever actually been intoxicated. "yeah," he says. keep the responses simple, he thinks, and you'll get through this just fine.

"you think you could help me with last night's homework?" as she asks this, she pushes the hair back from her face with one hand. a few stray, rebellious tendrils fall right back down. she blows at them, realizes isaiah's staring, and smiles.

"yes," he blurts out. he can't say no, not to her.

"how's the end of lunch sound," she asks.

"sounds great."

"okay, i'll see you then."

quickly, she kisses his cheek.

"you're a lifesaver," she says. "thanks so much."

he wants to say "you're welcome." but, of course, he's too much in shock to say anything, except maybe some sort of gibberish. fortunately, he's got enough control to keep that gibberish inside.

she turns and runs to catch her friends down the hall. he watches her go. god, she's beautiful, he keeps saying to himself. go, she's beautiful. and, she just kissed me. not a real kiss, he has to remind himself. but, close enough, damn close enough. as she disappears around a corner, he realizes he's holding his breath. he falls back against his locker, inhaling deeply. he close his eyes, makes himself flash back on that kiss, on her calling him eyes. he knows this could be a one time thing, that it could even be a prank. but, there's no choice to be made. he loves her. god, how he loves her. even if she usually doesn't even know he exists. he loves her anyway. and, she called him eyes. and, she kissed him. he thanks god silently for a perfect moment, then heads to class, thinking about last night's math homework, working already on how to explain it to her, and wondering if maybe she won't by some chance kiss him again after he's helped her. maybe a better kiss, a real kiss. he's willing to wait and see.

"she called him eyes"