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the answer to every question

it's as if you're the answer to every question i've ever asked
and no matter if some answers
to incorrectly worded questions
to the wrong questions at the wrong times
hurt a little when heard
they're still the answers i wanted
the answers i needed
and just having the answers
knowing i can have a life with you
is enough to eclipse many times over
any small pains you've given me
or i've given myself because of you

talking to you now is strange
like being lost in the music of a song i thought might be gone forever
and it scares me to think
that it might end
that we might let things fail
because we're scared
or unprepared
or because the whole world gets in our way
it's been said that love can conquer anything
if only we'd give it the chance
perhaps we can prove that saying right
and love will win out tonight