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upon aging (10-24-2)

Rodent bits blows out a candle on a cake today. It's been a year since this place went officially public. This place has been good for debate and casual discussion, a place to post art and comics and a place for my stalkers and lurkers to watch me, to see just how crazy I might be each day. I've had someone wish I?d die in a nuclear explosion, I?ve had someone call me pathetic for not wanting to vote, I?ve had people question my sanity, my patriotism and my Americanism (if that's even a word). And in that year, I've gotten married, taken in two kids as my own and have a third on the way in the coming months. My writing has gotten a big boost through minicomics, I find out in the next couple days if I'm still in Project Greenlight, and altogether, it's been a good year.

So, how about we make the next one even better. Get in here and discuss, debate, and even insult me and my intelligence and question my sanity and call me un-American and all that nice stuff.

With tongue firmly in cheek, let's roll.