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abortion, the death penalty, murder? (2-12-0)

With no god above us, we have only the standards mother culture gives us to live by. One of these standards--one that makes sense, even to me--is that you do not kill another person.

Some may try to argue that an unborn child is not a person, that the small unfinished being can just be killed whenever on the whim of the mother. It's her body to do with as she wants, they say. Well, by those standards, why not kill a one year old child if raising it becomes too hard, if caring for it is too much work? That child is no more ready to survive without someone to care for it than it was at six months, at three months, at birth, or before. Why not kill it, if it is too difficult to care for it? Legally, a parent is expected to care for a child until they are 18 (or whatever the age maybe in other nations). If your adolescent child is a nuisance, why can't you just get rid of that child, throw it out on the street, or kill it? At what point does a child become its own entity, separate and self sufficient enough from it's parent that it is not dependent? At what point does the parent no longer HAVE to care? And, before that point, what is the difference between that child and an unborn one?

Am I saying abortion is wrong? Not exactly. What I am saying is that abortion, however you argue it, is the killing of another person, a living being. If you can accept that fact, and still you want to kill it, because life would be too hard if you had a child, or whatever excuse you care to use, go ahead and kill it. It's still legal.

Also legal is the state sanctioned killing of someone convicted of certain felonies. Capitol Punishment, usually reserved for murderers, is little more than that state aborting a child it chooses not to care for any longer. He did a bad thing. Lock him up. Throw away the key. He did a very bad thing. Kill him.

Life has value. That is my belief. And I tend to think that anyone who doesn't believe that has already saved us all the effort it would take to argue that belief by taking their own life.

Life has value.

It may be the life of an unborn child. It may be the life of an infant, a toddler, on up to a teen, an adult, up to the old and decrepit. It may be the life of the most kind and generous soul around. It may be the life of an avid teller of lies. It may be the life of a man who stole a loaf of bread to feed a starving child. It may be the life of a woman who time and time again was ill prepared in sex, who got pregnant, aborted it, got pregnant, aborted it, got pregnant, aborted it. It may be the life of a rapist, a murderer. Well, guess what. It STILL has value. If you believe otherwise, then abort your child, or go out and have your vengeance on he that killed or hurt someone you love. Do not expect us to like you for it. Do not expect us to do it for you. Do not expect the government to do it for you. Do not ALLOW a faceless authority to take the lives of its citizens based on the notion that those lives have become worthless.

Each child aborted is still a child. Each person executed is still a person. Kill them if you believe you must. But, understand that you ARE killing another person, that you are taking a life that has as much value as yours.