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7 days (9-13-3)

the premise of the show was an organization has a time machine that goes back seven days. they can halt disasters, sudden deaths, etc. to me, seven days never seemed as limiting as they seemed to want it to be, but that's not important. my problems with the premise come from a more complicated angle. first, consider the timeline of the time traveler--his name was frank--some disaster happens, frank goes back in time seven days to fix it, disaster averted, the "current" frank won't have to go back in time, so the one who came back seven days should cease to exist--minor thing being there are NEVER two of him except when they wanted to fuck with the plot. you could argue some sort of space time continuum thing where there can only be one of him at a time, but then why not tell us that, why not show him suddenly disappear from a scene and everybody's like, oh, he musta just come back from the future, let's go check out the time machine and see what's up?

for that matter, when frank goes back in time, doesn't he negate the need for the time machine to have operated in the first place, essentially making it so that the time machine has NEVER even operated? and yet, they have to get government approval every time they want to make the jump? why not go back seven days and avoid the government saying no altogether? and, if the time machine is essentially never used, why not use it for, well, anything? you spilled coffee on yourself this morning? no problem, sir, i'll just hop in the ol' time machine and warn you about it.

and, if seven days is so limiting, like you might need more than that to catch a terrorist group or take down a national leader responsible for starting world war iii or destroying the whole world, then why not send frank back seven days, have him hop out of that time machine that's just come from the future and get into the then current one and jump back another seven days, hop out of that time machine into the THEN current one and jump back another seven days, and so on, until he's back far enough to do something bigger?

or am i just trying to put too much logic into a silly sci fi premise for a show upn cancelled a few years ago and i dropped a year before that?