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JOSH ON TV: Josh has been on Great Performances, the 2002 Grammys, and... Sesame Street. Check your local PBS station listings if you missed Sesame Street-- the episode will be airing several times this season.

JOSH PLAYS REAL-LIFE RED VIOLIN! Yes, folks, it is time to say goodbye to Tom Taylor, who has been bought by a patron for loan to young violinists. In its stead, Josh now officially replaces TT with the 1713 ex-Huberman Stradivarius, one of the "Golden Period" instruments. The ex-Huberman has a colorful history, having been stolen from a virtuoso for use by a Gypsy fiddler, resurfacing mysteriously after many years, and being caught in legal and monetary battles for ownership. Josh re-discovered it recently, fell madly in love with it, and decided he had to have it at all costs. As an apt plus, it's a beautiful red color. Sound familliar? Look out for the Bell/ex-Huberman combo at concert halls near you!

BLUEGRASS AGAIN: if you liked Short Trip Home, run to your nearest store and pick up Bela Fleck's Perpetual Motion CD. This is a bluegrass take on famous classical tunes, with Bela on banjo and Josh on fiddle. Trust me, this is crossover that doesn't suck.

TENNIS AGAIN: more articles on Josh and tennis-- go look at the article info message at the JBDCF.

NEW FORUM: the new board is up, please adjust your links accordingly before March 5. The Joshua Bell Discussion Forum

WE'VE GOT A WINNER! Congrats to Josh on scoring a Grammy as Best Instrumenta Soloist with an Orchestra for his Maw Concerto CD!

MESSAGE FORUM MOVING! Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, Cindy's Joshua Bell Message Board will be shutting down in March. We are making plans to move to a new location, as yet to be determined. I promise I will keep you updated about this!

SCENE AND HEARD: the fact that Josh recently attended a pro-level tennis clinic (and did concerts in the evening on top of all that) is not nearly as amusing as the fact that USA Today found the whole thing newsworthy enough to warrant an article in their paper. What's next-- Josh sightings in US Magazine?

Check out for chat transcripts of Joshua Bell on WorldBeat.

ANOTHER VIDEO? We have unconfirmed reports that there is yet another possible JB video on Gershwin out there, somewhere...

VIDEO CLIP: courtesy of the Joshua Bell Fan Club in Japan, a video clip of Josh post-concert. Paste this URL into a program that supports MPEG:

OOPS: Go check out the discography at, scroll to the bottom, and-- gee, a Takemitsu recording?

CJBMB: Cindy's Joshua Bell Message Board is now on full moderation mode indefinitely. If you post a message, you will not see it on the board until one of the board moderators approves it. Thanks for your patience.

STH ON PBS: if you go to you can check for when (if!!!) your local PBS station is airing that elusive STH promo video. Failing that, you can watch some of it directly at the site.

FASTBALL: Sony Classical was supposed to tell us that Josh was on the Boston Pops episode that aired a little over a week ago. Yours truly, newshound though she may be, is not in top form due to illness and begs your forgiveness for not alerting you sooner. Check you local listings to see if your local station might run it at a later date, and/or pray for reruns...

MOSTLY MOZART: ...and a little Vieuxtemps, too. Josh will return to the Mostly Mozart Festival this August 18 and 19. For more info, head on over to the Mostly Mozart Festival Page. Looks like a few of the JBmb forum folk are planning to attend, maybe you'll meet up with some of them post-concert. As for me, I'll be in Hawaii around then... oh well.

HOOSIER HISTORY: this July 21, Joshua Bell will be honored as a Living Legend by the Indiana Historical Society. Coolness. Go to their webpage and scroll halfway down the screen for more info. Did I mention that you can buy tickets to this combination awards presentation/concert? Did I also mention that tix are $250 a pop? Anyhow, props to our favorite Hoosier!

OXYGEN.COM: mentions absolutely nothing about who they've had on their show Pure Oxygen. It's... not the best site I've ever been to, from a design and organizational standpoint... but I digress. If any of you watched the June 1 episode and saw Josh in it, drop me a line.

CONTEST: for those of you who are so inclined... okay, fine, hey everybody, Tower Records is having a contest-- the prize is a trip to the Tanglewood Festival, and meeting Joshua Bell. See the link to Tower Records for further details.

RED VIOLIN MUSIC: if you're a violinist who's been itchin' to try and play LVR tunes, Schirmer publishes the scores for both the Orchestral Suite and the Chaconne. Just keep in mind whose shoes you gotta fill if you perform it.

SOME VERY GOOD NEWS: Joshua Bell is one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People this year! Pretty darned cool! Well, it had to happen eventually didn't it? Alison's breaking the news to the CJBmb right now.

THE YAHOO/SONICNET CHAT: all in all, you didn't miss too much at the 4/24 Joshua Bell chat. The board moderators filtered out most of the deep and thought-provoking questions. I and the other JBF Webmasters are most grateful for him plugging our sites as he bid us farewell-- that was cool! The chat transcript (Q&A only) is up at Cindy's Board, and a copy will be posted here shortly.

PSSST: more news off the 'vine- the Sibelius/Goldmark will be relased in the US possibly in August. For instant gratification: eat a mentos and go to HMV UK to get the CD.

WWW.JOSHUABELL.COM: don't tell me you didn't see it coming. Joshua Bell now has his own official site in place of just a page on the Sony Classical profiles.

JOSH ON MTV: that's right. Look for Josh and Hilary Hahn on SonicNet's MTV commercials starting in April.

OSCAR NIGHT: John Corigliano, composer for 'The Red Violin', won the well-deserved Oscar for Best Original Score. He gave a lovely acceptance speech, praising Josh for his ability to 'play like a god'. LVR fans around the world rejoice.

GRAMMY NEWS: 'Listen to the Storyteller' won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for Children. All right, Josh!

I'm not big on keeping track of articles, but if I find anything that I think JBF's would be interested in, I'll put it here.

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