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Welcome to the gallery of fan art!
If you have a contribution to make (i.e. a computer or hand-drawn pic), e-mail me.

NB: All works posted here will be available for anyone's personal use, but if you want to use them on another site, contact the artist first.

Some altered pics by moi:

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click me if you dare...
hope the individual tiles aren't too small...

Sketch done in spare time... click me! click me! A cartoony sketch I did last year.

A pic by Alison, a very talented JBF...
click me!

click me!     click me!

Sketches by Yasmin, another talented fan.

Art by Emily:



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Josh in cartoon form, courtesy of Yuko!

Mag's Dreamland
is hosting Yuko's cartoon/fan-fic saga featuring characters loosely based on
Joshua Bell, from which the first two pictures are derived.
The pic to the far right is a wonderful portrayal of Josh himself.

The b-day project  

More to come! Stay tuned and send some in!

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