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The Joshua Bell Fanpage

-- Credits & Acknowlegements --


Creator and webmeister:
Christina, aka Marvy Mei

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Marvy Mei

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Alison R.

Beta-testing and idea-bouncing:
Yasmin R.

24-hour moral support:
Alissa G.
Alison R.
Yasmin R.

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April (
Cindy K. (

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Adobe Photoshop 4.0
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Special thanks to:
Deday Shao
Michelle Winter
The Joshua Bell World Crew
Ceci Wong
Seafóid Cruthanta
UC Davis ResNet
Ioan Gruffudd

Extra-special thanks to:

Joshua Bell

Thank you for choosing to share your musical gifts with the world. You are a true musician's musician, and the inspiration for all my musical endeavors. Rock on.

Mei's Joshua Bell Fanpage
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This is an unofficial, non-endorsed fan webpage
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Marvy Mei is not professionally associated with Joshua Bell,
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