Going beyond the normal

(for me, that is....)

Hey, I branch out once in a while, too, and like to see what I can do with figures, vehicles and spacecraft, and really cute anime girls! LOVE those eyezzzzzzzzz!!!!!.

Kow Yokama original SAFS Mk1 MaK girl
Kow Yokogama original SAFS girl cyborg, shes very cute, and Im very hapy with her!>

I LOVE this one, she's half SAFS and half cutie, and if you are into the incredible works of Kow (pronounced GO) and you know your mecha, you will get it. Great resin kit, on a heart shaped based, with the heart ripped in two, because this one is a heartbreaker! No markings yet, Im still looking for something both individual and fitting, yet keeping in mind with the Luft markings used on the SAFS mobile suits. If you want to see what the real SAFS suits look like, here is a GREAT website; Kruegers Krieger . Definitely check his work out, he is an incredible kitbasher.
Tamiya 1/12 GSX 1300R Hayabusa

This year I have branced out so much, and gotten so much more out of modeling, and I am rewarded with these incredible Tamiya 1/12 bike models, that are simply superb. You have GOT to try these! The race bikes like the Yamaha YZR500 are a bit more challenging than the Hayabusa series, with thier intricate pipes and all, but MAN this is pure satifsfaction getting one of these jewels complete.

Anubis, God of Death

My first foray into wargame figures, Reaper Mini's Anubis, in 27MM scale, painted in a couple of afternoons using Game Color and Citadel colors. I like it!

This is my girlfreind Stephannies' Watercraft Racer by Revell, OOB, and it is her first model! I think she did very well on this kit. Its a nice little kit, goes together nicely and has nice decals. With extra fleshing out, this could be a real contest winner (*IF you can find a catagory to place it in other than "misc")
Stephannies' Watercraft Racer, comes with a neat, prepainted figure and a cool looking water splash to display it on. Neat little kit, and very easy to go together!. Oh, and she took first place with it!

This is my Git R Done, made from the AMT Moonscope kit. Yes, that IS a scratchbuilt front winch and bumper, and yes those ARE rolls of TP within arms reach of the toilet seat mounted to the hitch reciever. There is a ton of stuff going on in this kit, mounted on a simple plaque base with photoeteched leaves attached.

AMT moonscope rebuilt to the Git R Done, scratchbuilt winch, 8 track player, front bumper, antennas,2wayradio,headset,rebuilt storage pockets,hunting bow, arrow cannister, and covered with Mossy Oak camo tape, toilet seat attached to back hitch reciever, TP rolls and dice from the dollhouse aisle. Don't get much more homegrown than that!

Got a Cowrier to Mooove?

Well, after Kings County Scale Modeler's got its Cowrier together, they had to have some way to move the damned thing. So, I came up with this 1/25 scale prototype concept vehicle. The idea was sound in principal and design, and the interior decor made a big hit, but the club simply didnt have the budget to apply custom UPS brown over white on a rebuilt '41 Chevy. Man....we coulda had somethin' there....
     Scratchbuilt airplane on the cow. Cow is 1/24 scale toy with added parts and scratchbuilt airplane Custom UPS brown with lots of chrome and flash.
yes, those ARE blue balls on the mirror. Happy face on the gas cap, and a

Don't Have a Cow, Man!

Kings County Scale Model Club turned this full-size fiberglass cow into a Cowrier, CVB-41 (Carrier, Aircraft, Bovine, near Highway 41) commissioned by the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce for the "Cows on Parade" Competition at the Kings County, CA Fair. Full size cow has a plywood flight deck, 5 Acadamy Hornets and a Lindberg SH-3.

The Cowrier on display in the storefront where it was concieved, Lemoore CA  Flight deck shot with Acadamy Hornets Another shot of the Cowrier, notice the waterline and carrier island

The Divers Cat by Reheat in 120MM Scale
The Diver's Cat, a wonderful resin figure by Reheat.

Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmidt, Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot in 1/35 scale. A great little figure by EVA Models. I used thier line of decals for the suit markings and the reflection of the Earth in the visor.

1/35 Tamiya Chasmosaurus Tamiya 1/35 Chasmosaurus, pretty much out of the box.

1/25 beach girl 1/25 scale resin girl, one of several I have painted up for a local hobby shop. Beleive it or not, its actually a see thru effect on the Tshirt!.

120MM Miss Nude Universe Another figure, Miss Nude Universe in 120MM scale. I did not paint this figure, but I did help out by adding the(tiny) bikini thong she is wearing.

Kazon Ogla raider Kazon Ogla spacecraft from the first season of Star Trek : Voyager. Scale is unknown.

Mellinium Falcon Cutaway Millenium Falcon cutaway, I built this as a magazine review when the cutaway kit first became available. This one was a LOT of fun!

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