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The 1/72 Scale Kit Gallery

The 1/72 Scale Kit Gallery

Italari MH53 Sea Stallion in overall grey, this kit is very close to Out of Box. I only added the exhaust plugs and some simple wiring to the mirrors. Nice and big, and oh-so-filthy!

Hasegawa 1/72 AH1S Cobra in Japanese markings. Externally very, very good, I only added a couple of antennas and the rotor tiedown. Internally I detailed the cockpit with HSS rails, commo cords, belts, etc. A very nice kit!

There isn't much here yet but I have recently purchased a number of 1/72 scale kits (its the subject matter I wanted) and will post them as I build them.

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© David Campbell, 9 October 2001