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Laurie's Brief Overview of Arthur Rimbaud

Graham Robb -
"With an unerring lack of tact, he presented himself as a combination of the two most repulsive characters known to 1870s France: a homosexual and an anarchist."

Connections to World Literature...

The Drunken Boat

The "Seer" Letter #1 - (Georges Isambard)
          The Tortured Heart
The "Seer" Letter #2 - (Paul Demeny)
          Parisian War Song
          My Little Mistresses

VERY Quick Analysis
The Drunken Boat
The "Seer" Letters

"I am unknown; what does that matter? All poets are brothers. These verses believe; they love; they hope; that is all."

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*The best Rimbaud site on the 'net - The Drunken Boat - here.

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