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Marine Vignettes -- Tales Of The Corps

The following links are to a few of GyG's Marine Vignetes #1.
In most cases, there are four stories per page,
but longer stories are sometimes one or more pages. 
The title of each link below is for one
of several stories found on that webpage.
Marine Vignettes #2 is listed at the bottom of listing, and those stories are on
webpages/posts to one of my regular GyG forum-format sites, and not shown
 by title,  but there are many more stories under the Vignettes #2 link.

Non-Judicial Punishment
Marines In Review
An Old Salt's Court-Martial
Fire Fight At Yudam-ni
One In The Chamber
When The Cold Lasts Forever
Gunny Carson's Sweet Voice
H-3-5 KIAs In Korea
Ahoy Marine!
Fun With The Grunts
Boyington According To Scott and Me
Kimpo To The Han River
Salty Marines
Brothers In Arms
Unknown fallen Comrade
After 47 Years
China Marine - Boxer Rebellion
Navy Corpsman - Preventive Medicine
I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier
What's The Password?
Parris Island School Days
General John Glover and His Marblehead Mariners
Memories Of Sgt George C, Scott
The Day Oswald Shot Somebody

To Marine Vignettes #2
(Many more stories--somewhat different webpages...)
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