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granny's page and informative feline links

The picture above of Cody. He is Acme's miracle kitty and he turned a year old on August 25,1999. He lives with his mom and his feline sister, China in Carmel.. You can learn more about Cody by visiting Acmepet Cat Window Bulletin Board and by clicking on to the "I Believe In Miracles" link which tells his story. Cody is a feline and not a human but he can give us all lessons in courage and the will to live..
Acme's boards are closed and gone but Acme Magic lives on.

Cody turned 5 years old on August 25th 2003.

To see more pictures of this beautiful boy Click Here

Cody's pictures updated 9/1/2002

A Wonderful Cody Story

Posted by Nancy B to the Cat's Window bulletin board
on September 12, 1999. at 21:29:45:

I work in a children's hospital, with children who have serious blood disorders. There is a little girl here with an extremely rare blood disorder and thus has little or no protection from infection of any kind. As a result, her life is quite restricted, and her family lives with the very real possibility that she may die. A bone marrow transplant would possibly be a cure, but the pool of African American donors is very small, and no match has been found. She has become increasingly sad and withdrawn over the last six months. When I saw her on Thursday, she was not talking at all. For some reason, Cody came into my head, and I told her about him. On Friday,her mood was markedly brighter, and she said she had made up a song about Cody. Here it is -- I stuck in punctuation, but it's otherwise just as she told it to me. Cody's story really seemed to reach her in a way our other efforts have not. (She's 7 years old.)

Cody Song

Cody, he not the Cat in the Hat --
Cody, he a better cat!

Cody got a hurt on his neck.
But Cody, he say, "Oh, what the heck!"

Cody and me got to have blood tests,
And Cody and me got to get our rest.

Cody and me maybe don't get to run,
But Cody and me know how to have fun!

Cody got a smiling face
Even in the doctor place!

For updates on Cody's Little Girl - last updated 9/01/2002 Click Here

April 23, 2000

It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you that on
April 6,2000 Nancy B. died quietly at home in her sleep.

Please click on the following link to read the tribute from some of her friends.
For Nancy

Two causes worth your time:

The Doris Day Animal Foundation
P.O.Box 673 Carmel, CA. 93921

PLEASE call 1-800-MARROW-2
and look into giving the gift of life.


Please click on this link to check out some other very important causes.
Click here

The people and pets you will meet at these pages are unbelievably warm and caring people. They go out of their way to help all god's creatures.

If you are looking for information on health or behavior problems,or if you just want to see some beautiful cats and wonderful fun sites, please check on my banner links pages.

A little bit about me

I am the mother of 4 grown children and the grandmother of thirteen. I am owned by 3 cats and a small dog and we live in a mountain community in CA.

My cats are Kokers: a 12yo Ragdoll mix, Ziggy: a 9yo DSH and Jade aka: Evil Woman. Jade is four and was abandoned after she had a litter of kittens. She rules the house. The dog is Toto but he comes to "here kitty,kitty". I now have some pictures of my critters on their pages. These are the first pictures I've attempted to take since becoming legally blind from some strokes back in '92. I am very new to this web stuff but enjoying it.

Due to illness the furkids and I have moved into my daughter,Christi's home at the end of Dec,1999. We are now a family of three adults, five children, seven cats, five dogs, one Amazon Parrot and one Iguana. I hope to have pictures up of all the four legged ones soon..
I have just found out I will be a GREAT GRANDMOTHER in May 2004

Please visit my grandkids pets by clicking this link
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Jim Willis

Please check out this wonderful book by clicking on the above picture.

Jim Willis lost his sanctuary home and thirteen of his beloved rescues to fire recently. This essay is dedicated to those nine dogs and four cats, and to the man who rescued and loved them.

Essay by Franny

You were not strangers to suffering or need. Your lives had been molded through neglect, your spirits chastened by abuse. Through no fault of your own, you lived in conditions of squalor, hunger and fear. But then came a man who saw you through new eyes. He saw past the matted coats, eyes dulled by despair, ribs and hips covered thinly by mangy skin. He saw through to your souls; reached in and touched them, binding you forever to him. He took you into his heart and his home, and you were loved. Life was good with this man called Jim. Through personal sorrows, good times and bad, you were always the focus of his life. You were the first thought that entered his mind every morning, and the last thought at night. His reward, of course, was your unconditional love, which only creatures like you can give. Each of you was special, in your own inimitable way. Each of you has left behind an indelible imprint on the collective soul of the Universe. Each of you is missed, dearly and terribly. No one knows why bad things happen to good people. Or why God would enrich our world with your perfection, only to rip you away from us with such devastating fury. We don't have the capacity to understand. We can only weep, shake our fists heavenward and cry out, "How Could You?" For whatever Celestial reasons, God took you home with him, to a new Life, where you are whole and vibrant again. You will see Jim again someday, but for now, your task is to guide him to those whose need for him cries out to you. On Tawny, on Tara, Lucinda and Danube! Dash on, with tails high and eyes bold Play you among the billowing clouds, In daisy-strewn pastures of gold. On Danny, on Gaston, on Gallagher and Willow! Leave behind you your memories old. Your noses will guide you to a fabled place Or so we've all been told. On Pongo and Tina, with tails a-wag, A new look awaits you here-- Your spots rainbow colored - Oh! What a surprise! You'll entrance everyone, far and near. On Cleo, Amadeus, you wonderful dogs! Your future has just begun But we know you'll remember your earthly life With he who was your Number One Lakota, dear wolf, dash on with your friends, and those waiting that you'll soon meet. There's Sadie, and Dusty, Holly Golightly, Just waiting for you to greet. You'll miss your Dear Friend God knows, he'll miss you too But there's one thing that's guaranteed He's still needed here by others like you So many souls still in need. So frolic and play, but keep your eyes peeled Help him continue to "fight the good fight." And when he looks toward the skies with eyes blinded by tears, Let your shooting stars guide him with light. Jim Willis lost his sanctuary home and thirteen of his beloved rescues to fire recently. This essay is dedicated to those nine dogs and four cats, and to the man who rescued and loved them


Kerwood Wolf Education Centre

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