Advice to Prospective Owners

Selecting a puppy is serious business. The wrong choice too often leads to unhappy relationships or even abandoned dogs. Responsible ethical breeders become breeders because they love the breed. The ideal breeder uses only good quality foundation stock with correct stable temperaments and healthy bodies having no serious faults. The breeder’s invaluable years of experience should be made available to the novice dog owner, enabling the new owner to avoid the pitfalls the breeder has endured. The onus is on you, the buyer, to do your homework and find a breeder who will do his utmost to help you select the right puppy. The buyer/seller relationship can develop into a lifetime friendship. The ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB OF AMERICA, INC hopes that the following Buyer’s Guide will help you select a good breeder and make the actual process of acquiring a dog a pleasant and rewarding experience.


1. Are the sire and dam registered with the ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB OF AMERICA, INC., or AKC? Is the litter registered with the ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB OF AMERICA, INC. or AKC?

2. How many years have you been involved in the breed and can you provide references from previous buyers?

3. What are the special characteristics of this breed that attracted you to want to become an owner/breeder of Anatolian Shepherds?

4. How many litters do you breed a year?

5. What are some of the drawbacks to owning this breed? (Don’t believe them if they answer, “none.”)

6. Can you tell me about any inherited/genetic health problems with this breed? Other health considerations?

7. What can you tell me about the history/background/function of this breed?

8. Are the sire and dam x-rayed and certified clear of hip and elbow dysplasia? Will you provide copies of the OFA certificates of the sire and dam?

9. Are the sire and dam free of any hereditary diseases/defects?

10. Do the sire and dam have the kind of temperament and personality I desire in my pup?

11. Will you provide a copy of the prospective puppy’s pedigree before I purchase?

12. Do you offer a guarantee? Written contract? (Remember, even the best intentions do not always produce 100 percent guaranteed results. Defects sometimes occur, even with healthy parents and proper care. All these things should be take into consideration before the purchase, with an amicable WRITTEN CONTRACT reached for the “what if.”)

13. Can I see the sire and dam and the litter? If it is not possible to travel to see the sire and dam and the litter, can you send photos? Videotape? Are there Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in my areas that I can visit to see the breed firsthand?

14. Observe the dogs. Are the dogs clean? Happy? Do the dogs appear healthy?

15. What kind of training is required to have successful working Anatolian Shepherd? Show Dog? Family Protector?

16. Are there any specific grooming requirements?

17. Have the puppies been temperament tested and if so, what were the results?

18. What is the price of the puppies? (Price varies, but usually is between $1000-$1500 depending on the quality of the parents and the litter, and reputation of the breeder). The ASDCA will provide a Breeder’s List on request.


1. What is your objective in purchasing an Anatolian Shepherd Dog? Are you looking for a working dog, show potential or family protector? What made you decide to get a dog at this time? (This breed is definitely NOT recommended for Schutzhund training.)

2. Do you now own/or have you owned an Anatolian Shepherd Dog? Do you have any other dogs? Pets? Livestock? How many and what kind?

3. What has been your experience with dogs? If you do not have any dogs at this time, how long did you have your last dog? What happened to it?

4. Do you have well-behaved children?

5. Do you live in a house? Apt.? Ranch? Do you have proper facilities to care for this dog? Fencing?

6. What is your work schedule? Are you committed to devoting large amounts of time to the socialization required in the successful upbringing of an Anatolian Shepherd Dog? Do you have the time to attend training classes?

7. Do you plan to breed? Are you willing to spay/neuter a dog sold as a pet?

8. Do you have the finances to provide quality food / veterinary care / facilities for a large dog?

9. Will you keep in touch as to the progress of the puppy? Will you call me first if you ever have to place the dog in another home?

BE RESPONSIBLE: If you are a first-time buyer, have you studied the Breed Standard to form a definitive picture in your head of what is a good specimen of the breed? When you make your first contact with a breeder, remember that most breeders are hobbyists whose kennel is part of their home. Please call ahead at a reasonable hour and make an appointment. If you do not feel comfortable with the answers you get from the breeder, politely thank them for their time and move on to the next breeder. Most breeders genuinely love dogs and will do their utmost to help you select the right puppy.

“The trick is not to fall in love with a pup, but rather to love the dog he'll become!”