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What happens when you take exotic car pictures and mix them with the most incredible car wrecks and car accidents you've ever seen? What you end up with is Wrecked Exotics!

Car Wreck. For most people, these words conjur up negative images. But for some, they conjure up excitement and fun. What makes seeing car wrecks, car crash pictures or car accidents so pleasurable to some?

Some say the pure joy of seeing what was once a perfectly fine automobile reduced to a pile of mangled scrap metal is pleasure enough, but when you add exotic to the mixture, it makes the brew that much better!

No matter what your preference; Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari 360 Modena, Dodge Viper, or even the "high end" exotics; Mclaren F1, Bugatti, Ferrari F50, your desire to see these fine exotics destroyed will be satisfied within this web site.

So to those who get a kick out of seeing a car crash photo, we wish you a lifetime of joy observing these pictures of car crashes.

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