My Trip to the
Inglewood Police Department
Impound Yard

By Fross T. Freeze.

As some of you already know, my mama's car (Used to be my car) was stolen a couple weeks ago.
(Here's a "Before" pic, it's the one on the left)

It was found 4 days later in Inglewood, CA at 4am parked in the middle of an intersection. The next day, me and my mama headed on down to the police impound yard to have a look at her and this is what we saw:

Man, that car looks more crooked than Lita's neck!

Other than the wheel, the only other body damage I found were the front-left and right-rear fenders were smashed in (completely flush), like they were scraped against something. But also I'm sure there's plenty of front-end damage from the wheel being torn off.

Let's have a look inside:

You just dont do that to a man's radio, you know?

This is the part I still dont understand: They were able to get the dashboard thingy off, which requires a simple philips head screwdriver, but were suddenly unable to use that same screwdriver to remove my radio. So what did they do instead? They used a crowbar of some sort and attemted to PRY the radio out of the car! When that didnt work, they just took the faceplate (Yes, my mom leaves the faceplate in there. She's a genius). That just aint right.

It was a sad, sad day indeed. On our way out of the lot, we browsed through some of the other poor lost souls stuck in the impound yard and we came across this beauty. Please keep in mind that it used to look like this Oldsmobile Cutlass . When I was a kid, we used to call that car a "Gansta Cutlass".
("Oldsmobile Cutlas" pic stolen from

'Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin & juice' all at the same time probably isnt a good idea

Let's have a closer look:



The guy at the impound yard told me that the driver survived (just barely), but his 3 passengers did not. And when he got out of the hospital, he showed up at the lot asking if he could drive his car home. When they showed him what was left of his car, he flipped out and tried to fight the impound guy, then ran off to find tools to take his rims home. They had to call the cops on him to get him to leave.