Just like the OTHER 'AOL', except people still like me!!
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-Just like the other "AOL", except people still like me!
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Sat 3.11.2006
Wedding Album MADNESS
At long last, here are tons and
tons of photos from our wedding

(Nevermind that it took me
2.5 years to put them up)

Tue 2.21.2006
Kenwood DDX6017
Check out the Before & After photos
of my new in-dash DVD player!

Old & Busted     Nu Hottness
OLD                        NEW

Fri 10.13.2005
Real Men Drive MiniVans

Click on the van
to check out
my new ride

2001 Toyota Sienna LE

Sat 9.22.2005
Vacation Photos!!
Check out these photos from
our 2 week trip to Hawaii