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The Unforgiven (1960)


Hepburn plays an indian girl adopted by Gish after her family was killed by whites. Raised as a white, the indians want her back after her true history is discovered.


"As the girl, Audrey Hepburn is a bit too polished, too fragile and civilized among such tough and stubborn types as Burt Lancaster as the man of the family, Lillian Gish as the thin-lipped frontier mother and Audie Murphy as a redskin-hating son.
"The scenery is great, the horses vigorous. Those who expect to see a settlement of the racial question will not be satisfied." - Bosley Crowther, New York Times
"Miss Hepburn gives a shining performance as the foundling daughter of a frontier family. As her foster brother, obviously desperately in love with his 'sister', Lancaster is fine as the strong-willed, heroic family spokesman and community leader. Miss Gish is okay as the mother; however, she has a tendency to overreact emotionally. Audie Murphy is surprisingly good as Lancaster's hot-headed brother whose hatred of Indians causes him to abandon his family. Dimiti Tiomkin's music tends to telegraph the action." - "Holl", Variety


Audrey Hepburn: Rachel Zachary
Burt Lancaster: Ben Zachary
Lillian Gish: Mattilda Zachary
Audie Murphy: Cash Zachary
Doug McClure: Andy Zachary
Charles Bickford: Zeb Rawlins
Albert Salmi: Charlie Rawlins
John Saxon: Johnny Portugal
Carlos Rivas: Lost Bird
Joseph Wiseman: Abe Kelsey
June Walker: Hagar Rawlins
Arnold Merritt: Jude Rawlins


Director: John Huston
Producer: James Hill
Screenwriter: Ben Maddow
Cinematographer: Franz Planer
Editor: Hugh Russell Lloyd
Art Director: Stephen Grimes
Music: Dimitri Tiomkin
Costumes: Dorothy Jeakins
Running time: 125 minutes