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Austin's Slippers

Copywrite 2004, Carrie Viskozki. This pattern is provided for your personal use only. Please do not copy to another web site without permission.

Using 2 strands of yarn together makes these slippers very warm and durable. Two contrasting colors will create a ‘tweed’ look.

Materials: Red Heart Yarn. 4 ply. Crochet hook size I.

Note: Use 2 strands held together throughout. Be sure to check your gauge before starting slippers. Use any size hook that will obtain the stitch gauge above.

Example size: This child’s slipper is about a 7 and starts with 20 chain stitches. Adjust chains and/or hook size for larger or smaller sizes.

First Sole: With 2 strands of yarn held together, ch 20. Rnd 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain to last chain, 3 sc in last chain (mark as toe); working on opposite side of starting chain, sc in each chain to beginning sc, 2 sc in same chain as first sc. Join with sl stitch to first sc. (40)

Rnd 2: Chain 1, 2 sc in same sc—(one increase). Sc in each sc around, increasing 3 sc at toe end and 2 more sc at heel end. Join to first sc. (46)

Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 2, adding one sc in between each increase. (52)

Rnd 4: Repeat Rnd 2, adding one sc in between each increase. (58). Fasten off. Mark each sole halfway along sides. Join yarn at mark, and working towards the toe, hdc in each sc, increasing 3 hdc at toe end (with one hdc in between each increase). At second marker, sc in each remaining sc around. Join. Do not remove markers.

Rnd 5: (Upper portion begins). Sc in back loops only of each stitch around. (61)

Rnd 6: Chain 1, sc in each sc around. Join. (61)

Rnd 7: Repeat Rnd 6. (61)

Rnd 8: Repeat Rnd 6. Fasten off.

Instep: Chain 8.

Rnd 1: Repeat Rnd 1 of sole. (16)

Rnd 2: Repeat Rnd 2 of sole. (22)

Rnd 3 and 4: Repeat Rnd 2. (28). Break off and fasten.

Note: Figuring that there would eventually be a little ‘give’ in the work, I ran some thin black elastic through the inside loops of the last row all the way around the slipper, before sewing the instep piece in. Tie the elastic and weave the ends in as you would a yarn end.

Pin instep in place at toe end and halfway along the sides, leaving one edge free. Working through both thicknesses, whip stitch instep to slipper. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Work second slipper the same as the first.

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