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          (July 2005) Just realized I hadn't updated this in years. Since the last time I've dropped in a big compression aluminum headed 357 ci. Popped on 17" Torque Thrusts and installed most of the parts I had piled up for the car. The plans for the next six months or so is to get my Baer Brakes on 13" fronts, 12" rears, up the gears in the rear or replace the rearend all together and get it painted. Time and Money is all thats needed here, when you have one you dont have the other and right now I aint got time! (Mid 2001)This is my 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu(non-SS). It is an original 283/PG A/C car. I've done a lot of work to it over the past 3 years. I went from "mostly stock" last time I updated, to this... The interior is now totally redone(went from aqua to grey and black two-tone) I trashed the PG for a TH-350, and the 283 was recently replaced with a new 350. The motor sports Headman 3/4 length headers an edelbrock intake, holley carb, and some other misc goodies. I also lowered the car a good bunch. Plan to ditch the rallyes this summer for a set of Halibrand sprints and finally get the stuff I have for the car installed.(Power front disks, hotchkiss rear trailing arms, my 1 inch rear sway bar and etc) And as always....I still have all of the original parts if I care to go back to bone-stock somewhere in the future...Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to sign my guestbook!!!

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