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*SMILE*......Or Should I Say, Stand Still ?!

Photos of our wonderful family! Not the least bit biased am I?? LOL!! We hope to add to these pages regularly. The next batch should include our next litter which (knock wood!) will be whelped Fall 1999. Enjoy!!

Laura's Dixieland Flash SS

Laura's Dixieland Flash SS (Gingerbred's Double Talk X CH Meramecs Morning After)

Dixie is our foundation bitch. She throws very evenly dappled pups and is an easy whelper. She's got a wonderful disposition and loves the show ring!

FCH Badgerbane's Gambit

Field Champion Badgerbane's Gambit (CH Niebur's Joliet Jake X FCH CH Badgerbane's Persephony)

Gambit was our 'man of the house', he kept the girls in line and the neighborhood cats on the run!! Co-owned by my Son, Gambit earned his Field Championship in just a few trials!! Sadly, Gambit passed over the Rainbow Bridge in the Spring of 2000. We miss ya bubba!!

Laura's Lil' Punkster

Laura's Lil' Punkster (Buddy Blue Nickell X Sadie's My Little Nickell)

Punky is our house matron, or Granma dog, as she is affectionately known :) She loves everyone and is always trying to mother the other dogs. Punky is my true soul mate and taught me the meaning of Dachshund attitude :)