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L. D. Eckard
Owner / Breeder / Handler
Carousel Dachshunds
P. O. Box 607
Isleton, CA 95641-0607
Call Us!
(916) 777-5132
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At Carousel we raise standard, smooth Dachshunds bred from some of the top lines in the U.S. From the show ring to the hunting fields these beauties can do it all We are members in good standing with the Dachshund Club of America as well as the Northern California Dachshund Club. We are firm believers that all Dachshunds should have the opportunity to do what they were bred to do! So all of our dogs participate in Field Trials as well as Earthdog Events. They absolutely love to hunt!!

We only breed an average of one litter every 2-3 years so we are very particular about where our babies go to live! All of our dogs are house dogs, and while they love to play out in the yard, they want to come in for bedtime :)

Be sure to check out our photo pages for pics of our sweeties, and our links page for sites belonging to our Dachsie family members!!

Oh, and Chris.....this is for you!!! LOL!!

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