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Books by Phyllis Avery

STOP YOUR TINNITUS: Causes, Preventatives, Treatments
STOP YOUR INDIGESTION: Causes, Remedies, Recipes

Dr. Lorraine Day recommends Phyllis Avery's raw recipe book on her video tape, "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore."

"No other recipe book follows the precepts of natural hygeine as Phyllis Avery's"

-- Angel Shamaya, Life Science Institute.

"There's no better natural hygiene recipe book on the market."

-- David Klein, publisher of Living Nutrition magazine

To order, please visit one of the following websites:
Nelson's Books - Carries all books. 800-877-1267 M-F, 9am-4pm Pacific Time
Nature's First Law - Carries Garden of Eden, Stop your Indigestion, and Stop your Tinnitus. 800-205-2350 M-F 830am-430pm PT
Living Nutrition - Carries Garden of Eden. 707-829-0362 M-F 10am-5pm PT.

(All Vegan  No Milk Products)

The most healthful diet we can eat is raw food.  Raw foods have all their nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes (needed for digestion) intact.  Backed by volumes of evidence, the raw diet is the primary basis for dramatic weight loss, the ending of illnesses, reversal of degenerated organs, rejuvenation of faculties, radiant complexion, newfound energies, slower aging, and longer life!  A raw diet enables the body to speedily detoxify itself.  This leads to clearer thinking, less sleep requirements, the cleansing of arteries of plaque, and the expulsion of alien cholesterol.  The book contains 170 super-delicious, fat-free recipes.  Brown-bag lunches. Dressings made without oil, vinegar, salt, or mayonnaise.  2nd edition. 126 pages.  Paperback   $11.95


These tasty and healthy recipes are for time-limited cooks who want to prepare quick, nutritious meals.  They are no-nonsense recipes. No exotic herbs, etc.  Minimal use of processed foods.  No more than 8 ingredients.  Most of the ingredients are found in the produce department.  All recipes are entrées.  The soups and salads are hearty enough for a complete meal.  The major cooking method is steaming.  The time ranges from 6 to 10 minutes.  Most of the ingredients in each recipe are properly combined for easy digestion, which is based on food-combination laws.  143 pages.  Paperback. $10.95

Causes, Preventatives, Treatments

You can overcome "ringing in the ears!"  This book is the result of five years of research and experimentation by nine tinnitus suffers.  It names the many chemicals, medications, foods, internal and external causative factors that cause tinnitus.  It offers a modality of treatments that can be implemented to resolve the problem.  These include physical practices, psycho-logical measures and dietary changes.  The book includes a glossary, 20 pages of resources and professional help, 122 medical and scientific references, and a list of 1,000 prescription drugs that cause tinnitus.  It also explains the connection between indigestion (which creates an acidic body) and tinnitus.  203 pages.  Fourth edition.  Paperback.  $14.95

  Causes, Remedies, Recipes

You can overcome indigestion and most other intestinal problems within 24 hours without using drugs!  Did  you know that undigested food is fermented and putrefied by our intestinal flora?  That this leads to sickness and diseased organs?  That using commercial antacids can cause many health problems including Alzheimer's disease?  This book guides you to an easy way out of such problems as abdominal pain, belching, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, distention, flatulence, gallstones, halitosis, headaches, heartburn, hernia, nausea, pancreatis, ulcers, etc.  Included are 40 pages of recipes with foods that are compatible in digestive chemistry, plus Brown Bag lunches.  222 pages.  Paperback. $14.95

The Cleanse Cookbook
by Christine Dreher, C.C.N, C.C.H.