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T'was a nice night for a Yule Party
all were in attendance
'cept John Webb cause he sucks,
getting sick and all - I'll just keep his present for myself
all the guests were stirring
martinis and whiskeys with coke
deep converstaions and banality abound
Vegan Shepards Pie (except those with cheese for the lacto-ovo needs)
and capers for Kevin, who like everything really dirty.

This was early on in the festivities...

Miguel showed up drunk, as usual.
Or maybe it was the paxil and whisky chasers

What the hell is wrong with Kirt in this picture?
Oh wait, that's his way of smiling

The Tree

Someone killed the lights to
get a better look at the tree
(or hit someone over the head witha candlestick)
and when the lights came back on
Rhiannon and Leo were quite suprised.

Good thing they are married or we'd have had to stone them.

Are they drunk or just this goofy naturally?