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My Art


**All art shown here is property of the artist and written permission
must be obtained before copying.**

(unless of course I know you in which case you can copy whatever you want.)

After Work

This piece was completed around May 2001 and features my former apartment, complete with John's couch.

Self Portrait (Volcano Hair)

This portrait was completed around May 2000. It features my old bedroom (when I lived with Elf) and my old altar. The object farthest to the left in the background is a mony jar I made with a bronze fish on it. In chinese culture a bronze fish charm similar to this attracts prosperity and wealth. Next to it is the infamous "Heart Shapped Box" I made in homage to my feminine prowless. Inside the box is a piece of paper with a wish enscribed on it.

Still Life with Passionflower

This is proabably my most favorite portrait of all. I think I was at my portrait-painting peak when I completed this piece. It is a portrait of Kris Kroll with a passionflower in his mouth. The person inthe picture is portayed in dim greys and blues while the flower in his mouth seems to have more life than he does. It took about 6 months to coomplete this piece.