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And here lies my Poetry

may it rest in peace...

*Please Note*
Somehow somewhere I seemed to have lost 
the ability to write anything... 
I have no idea when prosey inspiration 
will return but when it does, 
it will be recorded here. 

  • I'm Falling
  • Locke's Mess
  • Stupid Poem
  • Snap Pull

  • Not Coming Back
  • Take This
  • Where are you going?

  • Ambush
  • Brick wall come tumbling down
  • Compression
  • Swimming Backwards
  • Unrequited

  • Missing Sindy
  • Rewrite History
  • Fuzzy Sindy


    I'm Falling
    I'm falling she said
    but im falling in slow motion 
    and i cant wait till i hit the ground. 
    i tripped over my feet at the beginning of last week 
    but im still falling.
    the sidewalk is slowly rising 
    to meet my face and kiss my nose
    coarsely of course, it even told me so.
    my friends
    and even people i dont know
    pass me on the street
    and stop to watch me fall
    because its just so odd
    and it seems like this 
    could go on forever.
    theyre even placing bets
    on my moment of impact.

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    Locke's mess
    I can't believe I have so much stuff
    boxes and boxes of things
    little scraps of weird junk
    my prom corsage
    old birthday cards
    ticket stubs from movies
    Now for lack of space
    or fear of fires
    I'm throwing shit out.
    A heaping pile of momentos
    that I must go through
    and seperate "worth remembering"
    from "not". 
    I watch things slip from my hands into the trash 
    as memories slip from my mind into the past
    tokens long disposed leave me forgetting who I was.

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    Stupid Poem
    Ive sunk to this level, 
    I'm using words to describe 
    the dynamics between us
    It defies language
    shatters constructs
    Its just too big 
    but Im trying anyway
    I need to let some go.
    Anything said only says it halfway
    Im left to convey the rest. 
    at a loss, I lean in close, 
    where hot breath hits hot breath 
    and i dont care that you had tuna for lunch
    I can hear the faint dub of blood in your veins 
    and I want to cry, 
    knowing all too well what it means.
    and wisper the only thing that makes sense..

  • up up up


    Snap Pull
    zingy sharp sting 
    of you catching me off guard and 
    all i can think is 
    here i go again and 
    i dont love you and 
    you dont love me and 
    maybe we need time to think about 
    whats happened and no i still feel close but 
    not that close and well i guess 
    i would too but still and no 
    im sorry i did but it didnt wasnt shouldnt have 
    happended like that and 
    we can't take it back so
    what are we going to do now? 
    now now no nevermind.

  • back


    Not coming back					
    I know he's not coming back
    cause before he left he told me:
    "I'm tired of this stupid place.
    with its ass backward ways and 
    long hot days that just melt into each other. 
    I'm sick of just lingering, wondering 
    if there could be something better somwhere else
    anyhwere I've never been feels like home.
    And even though I've had the best converstions
    about the weirdest things right here
    you could never be enough 
    to make me want to stick around.
    And I hate to admit it but I have this feeling
    that no matter what town I visit 
    there'll be someone with the same face as you."

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    take this   							
    I want to reach deep inside
    and grope your longing. 
    I want to lick lonliness from your fingers
    as your heart feels the need 
    to be somewhere other than here.
    Your soft body of wanting 
    and crushing optimism warms mine.
    My lips, wet with welcome pulls 
    the hope from your mouth kiss by kiss.
    And through it all
    you want more than I can give 
    and I take more than you can deliver.

  • north


    Where are you going?			
    wherever you go you're still with you.
    wheres settled and why aren't you there yet? 
    jumping from town to town and back to home 
    squatting in strange places, feeling the buzz of alone
    in your ears ...
    and in your heart a flicker of shame
    stubborn pride keeps you moving ...
    slight your pain.

  • regress


    my sense of smell touch taste 
    staged a coup
    against my sense of reason.
    Dissenting limbs 
    strike a treason 
    and rally up the masses 
    in my otherwise stable mind.
    In the dead of night
    you made your move.

  • back up there


    brick wall come tumbling down	
    I fancy a brick wall
    disguised as my love
    pretending to be you.
    leaning up against you 
    I get cement dust on my back
    snag my new sweater a bit.
    slide, sit down on the ground.
    a twig in hand 
    I pick at your mortar
    trying to get inside you.

  • top


    When arms hug
    they emabrace whole heartedly
    hungry for what they seldom have
    a connection.
    "You have a warm heart" she wispered
    as they tried to make theirs.
    "I can feel it."
    "Doesn't feel that way to me
    It feels brittle and old
    like coal. 
    If you keep hugging me so hard
    I fear my heart might crumble."
    Arms wrapped now so far around
    fingers kiss each other.
    "But coal turns to diamonds
    not dust.
    Maybe if I squeezed you harder..."
    So she hugged her and hugged her
    until she heard a faint wisp of breath escape
    and a little 'ping!' 
    Which of course was the sound 
    of coal turning to diamond.
    inspired by Aimee Bender.

  • back to the top


    Swimming backwards
    our song on the radio
    washes over me
    a flood
    the smell of your colonge
    on someone else
    fills my lungs
    thoughts of things weve done
    and the places weve gone
    pouring down 
    soaking me to the bone
    i find myself 
    in memories of you

  • back up your top


    You say you love me
    that youve fallen for me hard.
    but you knock me down.
    Squeeze me closer
    and I become your ideal
    your reason
    your salvation.
    I become yours.

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    missing sindy #1		
    Ive lost my freind
    more than that
    Ive lost a role model
    and a teacher
    a mother figure and a healer
    (though she couldn't heal herself)
    Heart heavier than that 
    reminds me painfully
    I can only mourn so much
    she wasn't my wife
    she wasn't my mother.
    My loss is not foremost my own
    I cry in the sidelines.

  • no going back


    rewrite history
    Death snaped shut the book of your life
    his boney hand covers your mouth.
    The same hand that will someday cover mine.
    But until then
    I'll be rewriting history
    Because after all
    I have such power.
    I won't tell anyone
    a single bad thing about you
    like how you couldn't handle stress,
    that you were so stubborn, so crass,
    though secretly I liked you brazen.
    And when I die
    it wont be St Peter
    who will judge me
    It'll be you.
    Your pure light 
    asking my pure light,
    "What made you think
    that you could rewrite me?"

  • back


    fuzzy sindy 		
    its been forever
    at least a very long time 
    much longer than i can remember 
    youve held a place in my heart 
    always dancing 
    in the light of my minds eye
    like i was peeping through a keyhole 
    into the past and not quite forgotten
    lost days,  weeks spent, months pass
    the memmories of you seem dimmer
    seem darker, farther off and lost 
    deep in the creeping fog of forgetfullness
    losing  who you were 
    bit by bit 
    wipe away the details of your life
    until you only seem dreamy 
    like an imaginary friend i never had
    and to think, 
    im beginning to forget your name!
    darker, dimmer, 
    the light is going out
    fading, shrinking 
    and the only thing thats growing 
    is the doubt of ever having known you. 
    no my love can't fade away...

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