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ANTI-WAR RALLY Hollywood, CA 2/15/03

arial picture courtesy of LA Times
all other pics are mine

on the way to the protest

The police to protestor ratio was 1:1

Great signs

This is my #1 favorite

This was on the way to the protest

Is it just me or does this guy looked pissed?

On the way

Bad Bush, No War

Every good protest should have people on stilts..

And mardi-gras style puppets.. the hell this is.

The crowds
just to get an idea of how PACKED it was,
this is the middle of Sunset Blvd,
about 4 blocks long and the whole entire street wide

It was so packed you couldn't really walk anywhere

Finally, some breathing room behind the stage.

The stage

Kevin and Pablo

Me on the way back to the car.

Some people we hung out with
in the parking lot while we were
wainting for the rest of our group.

Mike would like to point out that not
ALL the people in the pic are our
new friends but that this pic was taken
after everyone came back to the car.

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