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(aka Eduardo Izzardo)

Here are the pics from Miguel's 102nd birthday party on Jan 18, 2003.
When not celebrating his amazing longevity he can be found running, jumping, climbing trees and
putting on make-up while up there.

"It puts the alcohol in the mouth!"

"Where am I?" - Miguel

The Revelers

There were many present at
the party to help celebrate
Miguel's amazing longevity
(and to help him eat his cake
and wipe his mouth when he was done)

"He will most certainly be fired on Monday." - The Boss.

"If we had a company, we'd hire him!" - Sarah and Robert

"Is he really 102?" - John

"I'm only here cause I forgot where I moved to." - John

"What is she looking at?" - Brian

"Were you the one who taped the 'wedgie me' sign to his back?" - Alan

"I cannot tell a lie." - Sean

"This is my better side." - Miguel

"These are my better teeth." - Annaliesa

"Where are all the fine-ass bitches?" - James

"Justin forgot to pick up bitches at the the store." - Marcie

The Devil's Chess Game

There was plenty to do
besides drink. (thankfully)
Some choose to wager their
souls for food in a game
of chess.

(the Devil)

(the unfortunate souls)

(the prized booty)

And the winner celebrates
having not only won his
soul back in an 'double or
nothing' game but ALSO
the food!


*** COMING SOON! ***
The "Roberto Smith Mopey Bathroom Nipple-Pinching Fashion Shoot"

Miguel's Pictures

Miguel's Birthday Part 2 - Apple vs. Sony

Anyone have more pics??? PLEASE EMAIL ME so I can put em up here.

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