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Audience of One (1)
March 14, 2003 Audience of One (1) Winner
Rhiannon Coronado

Leah, Rhiannon, Moxey and Leo.

Why do you want to be the "Audience of One (1)"?
Sup' yall! I think your morning show rocks socks!! Hands down high class entertainment!! Anyone that disagrees show be kicked by circus midgets!! Plus Moxey is one sexy beast!! Hot Damn! And you can't forget Leah! She is by far the coolest chick on the radio! Can I kiss butt anymore? But it is all true. I am a surgical technician for the Air Force and if you pick me, I will enlighten and disgust you with many stories of all the surgeries I have experienced. Good times are to be had if I am the audience of one winner! Iam one saucey southern Cali chick who will knock your socks clean off your pretty little feet. Take care homies! have good mosh pitting and all that stuff!