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the early years

the early years

Ahh, to be 15 again..

This picture was taken sometime in 1991. My friends and I used to go to Knotts on saturday night and hang out with all the other spooky kids. There was a dance club inside the park called Cloud 9, which played new wave music. Some of the spooky kids had annual passes but most of us snuck in. We would either sneak in a service entrance or counterfit re-entry stamps. After Cloud 9 closed we started throwing motel parties. Across the street from Knotts was a motel called the Capri, and for a substantially higher price the manager would rent a room to the whole lot of us. She would put us way in the back where no one would complain and we partied the night away. Pretty kickass, we kept it going like that for over a year, every Saturday like clockwork. It was pretty cool, all night long packs of black-clad dosed and drunked teens would run back and forth across Beach Blvd. This further proves I had a gaurdian angel watching me, I never got arrested. The parties never got busted. I just wish the people who attended (myself included) would've remembered to take more pictures.

This is Melissa, Me and Danny's little sister..

at a hempfest back in 93. Hempfests were fun. We would eat hemp pancakes and buy hemp products. There would be speakers and sometimes even bands. Pat (Mike's brother) is supposed to be down in the front but my computer ate the bottom of this pic somehow. (aside: This was during my underwear wearing phase. I would wear black slips as dresses with funky tights. Yes I got stares, but then again look at me..)

This is me at Randy's old house

Randy used to live with his brother Raymond (gods rest his soul) around the corner from my grandmother who lived around the corner from my family. Small world. I would go to family functions at my grandmas and then sneak off to Randy's. Randy kicks ass, he's still my friend. We make good friends; he's pagan, I'm pagan, ... This picture was taken sometime in early 94. I trip out on it because theres no tattoos..I look so innocent.
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