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Bauhaus Concert July 1998

Although I may not 
be wearing full-length 
black velvet dresses 
to school/work anymore, 
I still love the gloomy 
things of my high school years. 

Maybe it was a need for $$$, 
(though I know the L&R crew is doing well)
Or maybe it was all just to sell 
their hyped-up new best of album...
Either way, Bauhaus regrouped in 1998
to do the much anticipated 


The set list for 7/11/98


   1.  Double Dare
   2. In the Flat Field
   3. God In An Alcove
   4. In Fear Of Fear
   5. Hollow Hills
   6. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
   7. Silent Hedges
   8. Severance (Dead Can Dance cover)
   9. Boys
  10. Sanity Assassin
  11. She's In Parties
  12. Kick In The Eye

      Encore 1
  13. Passion of Lovers
  14. Ziggy Stardust

      Encore 2
  15. Bela Lugosi's Dead

The fans (well us at least)

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