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My Art


**All art shown here is property of the artist and written permission
must be obtained before copying.**

(unless of course I know you in which case you can copy whatever you want.)

Abstract #1

This is one of the first abstracts I did since I changed genres. I should point out that alot of people have asked me what the meanings are behind my abstracts and I have yet to tell anyone. I'd rather have people find their own meanings so in that way it means something special to everyone.

the flies

"The Flies" is just that. A bunch of flies. I like to look at it as my homage to the Shabby Chic fad that is infesting our nation. The flie bodies were made by dipping my thumb in black poster paint and stamping prints all over the board. The wings are made from decorative lace paper shellaced with acrylic gloss.

Abstract #2

This one is far more impressive in person. You can really see the detail as far as the aggressive nature of the brush strokes and the actual scrathes in the surface. Over time this piece has begun to curl up around the edges which in my opinion has only added to the overall "raw" intent.